Software I Like

24 April 20213 min read


Pinboard is a bookmarking tool. It has many things I enjoy in a web application.

It's information-dense, everything is displayed on the same screen; extremely fast, no animations or long loading times; and easily extendable, you can easily build and extend its functionality using their API.

I use it to save all kinds of websites: Wikipedia articles, travel guides, technical articles, design resources, tweets, etc.


prettier is a command line tool to format code. It's aimed at JavaScript code, but also works with languages like Markdown and YAML.

The best way to enforce style in a codebase is leaving it up for a machine to do it.

I like prettier not because it makes my code look nice, but because it makes everyone's code look the same.


Letterboxd is a film-journal app, at least that's how I use it.

I like it because it doesn't try to recommend me movies. Instead, I can see what my friends have watched and browse curated lists created by real human beings.

You can find movie lists with very specific themes like this, this, and even this. Funny movie reviews are rewarded

Letterboxd reminds me of the good old days of social networks.


Horo is a menu bar timer app for macOS.

Out of the many productivity shenanigans, one that works for me is timeblocking. I set up a 5 to 30 minutes timer and try to get a task done before it runs out. It's a simple system.

Horo lives in the menu bar, my favorite piece of real estate on the screen. Watching the time going down is thrilling. I feel like I am defusing a bomb.

Horo's best feature is its simplicity. Their website says: "If starting a timer takes more than a second, your timer app sucks".

I also use Horo when steeping my tea.

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