When it comes to running I like to limit my choices to a small set of sensible defaults - things that I no longer have to consider. I’ve been experimenting with different gear for a while now and I barely think about it anymore. The items below are pretty much all I need to go out on a run.

Adidas Pure Boost Go

My main shoe is currently a gray Pureboost Go, sitting at about 400km. I like the Pureboost Go because it has very little structure. The fabric is thin and lightweight. The bottom is all covered on Boost foam, which gives a nice bounce back feeling on every step. I like this shoe so much that I already have bought a spare one.

Garmin Forerunner 235

This is the first GPS watch I’ve ever owned. It’s easily one of the best purchases I made this year. Battery charges very quickly and lasts about 4 to 9 days (depending on how much you run). It feels very light on the wirst (40 grams). I love that the screen is very minimal and the fact that it has physical buttons (no touchscreen).


Strava is by far the most polished app I could find for tracking runs. It has a nice social touch - friends, challenges, sharing pictures, groups, etc. - and many other things. You don’t have to use any of it, but it’s there.

The app syncs with the watch and after a run everything just flows into my Strava profile. I also have this IFTTT applet set up so that every run logged on Strava is saved to a spreadsheet (for backup).

Adidas Belt CF5210

I hate armbands with all the strength, which helps me liking this running belt even more. It’s small and very low-profile and you easily forget there’s something on your waist. The elastic belt hasn’t showed any signs of coming loose so far (I have it for over an 1 year) but I already bought a spare one for when it does.

5” Nike Challengers

All I look for in shorts are 1) a hidden pocket and 2) 5 inches length. These ones from Nike checks both so I’ll be sticking with them for a while. They are also get extra points for being cheap and discrete.

Plain cotton T-shirts

No preferred brand so far. Every 100% cotton T-shirt I have tried did the trick. Same logic applies to socks.

Nothing else

I also carry my phone, keys and the cheapest in-ear headphones I could find at the time. No water, gels, power bars, bottles, sunglasses, funny caps, sweatbands or anything.

Sure I would add anything that I find necessary to the list, but I always think twice. The more items I have to take with me, the bigger the overhead added to every run. For me, going out and exercising should be quick and easy, no rituals or ceremonies.